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Location Kapolei, HI
Introduction Yes, this is our family blog, but everyone knows it is my little labor of love. I do NOT scrapbook...all of our pictures are digital. Someone has to chronicle this blissful madness of ours. So are we blessed? Xee commutes to work on a golf cart, I get to stay home with the kiddos, and we live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet!
Interests We like to travel but haven't since starting a family and moving to Hawaii-except our trips back and forth to the mainland.
Favorite Movies Xee and I pretty much agree on this most of the time. We like movies that are both entertaining and hopefully well-written. We just hate to waste two hours on a BAD movie. We like action flicks, drama, suspense thrillers, romantic comedy (to a certain degree) and everything in between. Xee's fav has to be Forest Gump. I have lots.
Favorite Music In a family that must dance (even my husband who rarely does so in public), music of all sorts is appreciated-as long as it is kid-friendly. We especially love praise music.
Favorite Books The Bible tops our list and from there it goes on and on. Lately we are reading lots of Curious George and the like...we have quite a collection of books written for children of all ages!

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