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Gender Female
Location Ballinamore, Leitrim, Ireland
Introduction I'm told I'm a bit difficult to define - I'm disabled, but I'm sporty; I'm a Mammy, but my kids don't live with me; I am a survivor of domestic violence, but I'm fairly outspoken and surface-confident; I'm a freedom-loving, non-conformist, regular Pagan gal, but I'm also an ordained member of the Pagan Clergy (International Church of Spiritual Humanism & The Temple of Wicca); I'm a history nut, but I'm learning to live in the moment; I'm very traditional, but I also love new things. I have a lot of different interests and I really don't mind when worlds collide. People keep telling me I should write a blog 1) to make space in my head; 2) to highlight some of my favourite causes; 3) to share with and learn about more people.
Interests knitting, crochet, spirituality, books and reading, Spiralscouts (SS*I), photography, gardening, swimming, cats, crafting, drawing, theatre, singing, FLYlady, cooking, baking, expressive and creative arts, writing, people
Favorite Books Loads of 'em - can't think off the top of my head. I am dizzydormouse on