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Gender Female
Industry Government
Occupation Research
Location Small Town on the River, OH, United States
Introduction I typically tend to do things the hard way, one could say I am slightly stubborn and hard headed. Musical theater holds a very special place in my heart. I struggle doing ridiculously easy things like reading a map or using a ruler. Common sense isn't a part of my genetic makeup. I take comfort in books, writing, and my KitchenAid mixer. I'm freakishly linked to my mom. I think my Golden Retriever has a better personality than some people I know. I consider my best friends to be my family. I wish my life had background music. I firmly believe that bonfires and beer go together. I am pretty sure I have more Barry Manilow CD's than anyone my age probably should. Outdoor concerts and roadtrips to visit my friends are some of the best ways to spend a weekend. I'm very liberal and proud of it. Math stumps me, even basic addition and subtraction. I think fried pickles should be their own food group. Winter is not fun for me. Pedicures, Strawberry Shortcake alcoholic drinks, and chocolate raspberry chais are some of my favorite indulgences. I don't remember life before Google. I think blogging keeps me sane.