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Location In the South, United States
Introduction We are 3 Blind Sheep who are quite capable of falling into every ditch, stubbing our hoof toes on every rock, eating every back-biting sarcastic weed in the field and imagining every form and fear of darkness that is just beyond our reach. (remember, we are blind!) With that said... we have also realized we have an amazing shepherd whose love for us knows no bounds... and whether we sink, swim, fall, lash out, become sick and puke on the weeds of deceit (but they smelled so good!) we are covered... we are protected... we are loved... and we are NEVER alone... no matter what it feels like. We are two baby boomers and one child of baby boomers, fast friends whose differences have been overcome by a connection with one another that has seen each of us through personal crisis. We are bound together on a journey of spirit, philosophy and reality of life! Let us hear from you! We want to know about your journey!