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Gender Male
Occupation CTO / Hacker / Researcher
Introduction In my free time I hack stuff, do random research and spend time with my family. In my work time I'm the CTO of First Group. I'm formerly the CTO & VP Engineering for Endpoint at Palo Alto Networks, CTO of Cyvera (acquired by PAN) as well as a few other positions with Intel and with startups.

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Everything on this blog represents my own personal views and should not be viewed by anyone else unless they are willing to expose themselves to all dangers it may lead to
Interests hacking, firmware hacking, hardware hacking, application security, web security, hardware security, binary instrumentation, instrumentation, volleyball, information security, infosec, firmware security, cryptography, mathematics, math, reverse engineering, software security, virtualization security, vulnerability research, fuzzing, exploitation, exploit development, NLP, AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, DL, RL, ML, Blockchain, Digital Assets, FinTech, quantum computing