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Introduction Friends have been bugging...I mean encouraging me to write a book for awhile, but I haven't found anything I can sustain for 150+ pages yet, so I'm going to start small with a blog. Born and raised in one of those midwestern flyover states, I'm 28, single, and attempting to muddle my way through this thing we call life. My roommate is a 13 lb. orange tabby cat named The Amazing Rando (Dammit, Rando! for short), but I swear I'm not a cat lady. Not yet, anyway...
Interests I've been accused of being an entertainment whore. I live on movies, TV, books, and especially music. True to the blog title, I love dresses, shoes, shopping and all kinds of girlie stuff. That said, I also love me some NCAA football (Go Huskers!), movies where stuff blows up, and my guy friends treat me like one of the boys.
Favorite Movies All time favorite movie is The Princess Bride. I own more of the Disney Classics than most kids I know. I heart comic book-based movies; Batman is my favorite. If there are lots of explosions and one-liners, I'm happy, and romantic comedies are a guilty pleasure.
Favorite Music I listen to everything. I mean that literally. Well, except maybe polka. I have almost 10, 000 songs in my iTunes library, and it's growing all the time.
Favorite Books I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the sky. I recently ready "Last Words" by George Carlin, which was interesting and gave more insight into one of my favorite comedians, and I just finished "Bossypants" by Tina Fey, which was hilarious from start to finish. I've read memoirs from politicians and celebrities a lot lately, and my Kindle app is loaded with classics from Dickens and Twain. Read and enjoyed the Twilight Saga, though I consider that the literary equivalent of Ben & Jerry's.