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Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Certified Personal Trainer
Location Las Vegas, NV
Introduction Well,I seem to re-write this every few years. I guess that's because we grow and change so much. That's good though!!! First and foremost I'm a daughter of God. That's who I am, it defines me. Then I'm a wife to an amazing husband and a mom to two fantastic kids. I'm a certified personal trainer and a lover of all things health and fitness. I'm also a crafting addict and I have no plans on curbing that addiction. God has given each and every one of us a dream and if we listen and do as He says, we will see that dream become a reality. I have a big dream and that's ok because I have a bigger God. So this, this right here, is the starting line of my dream.
Interests God, family, friends, sewing, cooking, reading, quilting, recipe collecting, aprons, facebook, rv'ing, photography
Favorite Music Contemporary Christian, Country
Favorite Books Sister Chicks, Glennbrooke Series, Nicholas Sparks' books

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

Easy. A wet sock. Because as it dries, it will start to keep its shape some and your airplane will look like an airplane. But a banana peel will just continue to breakdown and rot. But I guess if you turn it into compost, then use it to fertilize a tree, you can then take that tree and make a model airplane. So, maybe it would be the banana peel, it would just take a really long time. :)