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Gender Male
Industry Science
Occupation Biologist
Location Corvallis, OR, United States
Introduction Peace Seeds Lists,, Andean Crops: Yacon, Oca, Mashua, Mauka; Eco-sanity, Recreality, Biodiversity, Public Domain Plant Breeding, organic kinship gardening, seed growing and collecting, propagation of PNW native plant species esp Lomatiums; propagating the rare and disappearing, to adapt and encourage adaptation of food and other plants to the conditions of extreme weather; grexes with mixed genetic populations of hybridity. Continuing to work with sunflowers, marigolds, tomatoes, andean roots, thanks for seeds of mechamik, the large rooted, hardy, perennial sweet potato Ipomoea pandurata....and during the past few years exploration of wild tomato species and their progeny with heirloom and modern cultivars has given rise to new hypertress tomato plant architecture, From the work of Peace Seedlings with zinnias we are selecting Crown Tiger's Eye Zinnias, a remarkable floristic development.
Interests peace, love, biodiversity, kinship gardening, unity, life, seed saving, organics, public domain plant breeding, PNW native foodplants, genomics, the Oregon Coast, dreamscapes, ecosanity, recreality, multidimensional character analyses, sustainable organic agriculture in the PNW, hope on this long strange trip that continues, post Picasso acrylic paintings, growing forests of dense, biodiverse, hardy, temperate zone perennials, supporting the organic movement with original open-pollinated and nutritionally selected plant cultivars of merit towards improving the health of humanity.
Favorite Movies Sunshine Daydream DVD, Dylan at Newport 1963-65 DVD
Favorite Music Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Rat Dog, Phil and Friends, Joan Baez, Janice Joplin, Dark Star, Desolation Row, Blonde on Blonde, Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, To Lay Me Down, Mr Tambourine Man, Blowing In The Wind, The Times They Are A'Changin', Its All Over Now Baby Blue
Favorite Books Kirstenbosch-100th year anniversary book, American Nations and Ocean's End by Colin Woodard, for how life innovates, the core of evolution that Darwin did not know about: read Arrival of The Fittest by Andreas Wagner Planting a Future by John Vincent-Profiles From Oregon's New Farm Movement.

how large was the Milky Way Galaxy when it was born?