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Location Aledo, Texas, United States

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Jessie is 8 years-old and in 2nd Grade. She has 3 brothers, Matt(12), Jake(10) and Josh(10). She loves people, and never met a stranger. She loves to laugh and sing and play. Jessie was diagnosed with Rasmussen's Encephalitis(RE), which is a rare brain disease that usually attacks healthy children about her age. The only known treatment for this cruel disease is a hemispherectomy (surgical removal of one-half of the brain) This is an account of Jessie's confrontation with RE and her families attempts to navigate through a new world to bring her the best care possible. Surgery was on June 11, 2008. This Blog is an attempt to help people undertand this disease and surgery, and to help others with kids going through it to find comfort and resource from someone who has been there before. Read from bottom, up. It will be updated continuously through Jessie's Miraculous Recovery.
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Interests Basketball, T-Ball, Dancing, Singing