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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Occupation Systems Engineer, Author
Location SoCal/CA, United States
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Introduction I was born a US citizen on the US soil of the 5th AFB in Osan, ROK. I came to the Continental US on my 1st Birthday on a Constellation. My Korean Grandfather disowned my Mom (Sang Hee) and my American family shunned my Dad and our family. The overwhelming Korean and Southern hospitality that we experienced simply destroyed my parents. Sang Hee died in Florida State Hospital and Ed. Matus, Sr. died in the streets of San Francisco. My sister and I were adopted by Barb and Ric Matus and their son Mickey, a wonderful family from Birmingham, MI living in Pensacola Beach, FL. I eventually joined the Coast Guard and embarked on a life of my own due to their support and love. My sister "Mimi" never fully recovered and ran away from home in High School. Barb and Ric are gone now having raised us and lived remarkable lives of giving and care. I can only hope to do likewise with my family and friends.
Interests Boats, Surfing, Sailing, Cosmology, Astronomy, Painting & Drawing, Computers and Networking, Writing and Poetry
Favorite Movies Most Recent Favorite, "The Lucky One"
Favorite Books Robert A. Heinlein's, "Time Enough For Love" and "Stranger In A Strange Land"

Would you support a Floating Airport in San Diego? The noise would be two miles off shore. The current airport would still be the hub connected by an Archimedes Bridge with shuttles whisking passengers, crew and supplies to the Floating Airport. I ask you to research it and think about it?