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Occupation maker of bits...mostly naughtee ones!
Location ciudad del los locos, CA
Introduction i've been told i'm, "like the bruise that you have to touch...You are a brat miss, and God bless you, I love you for it." i love this cause it's very accurate. so play at your own risk! i can be very shy,but if i'm comfortable, i just might be one of the craziest/cooliest chicks you've come across ;} i like to have fun at all cost. i'm generally a private person, but from time to time i like to take pictures. have a wee bit of a potty mouth. got the attention span of a hummingbird, type in lower case, a sick fascination with PIRATES and ZOMBIES, but i HATE CLOWNS!and those mascot/costumed characters, they freak me out, always have, uuuuccck! I'M A WALKING CONTRADICTION I AM NOT A MODEL. i am very sarcastic. these words are in no particular order. don't think too much about it, just keep up. **oh yes, and i tweet ;}
Interests sequins, feathers, burlesque, millinery, art, food, traveling, crafting, music, napping, outdoorsy type things, kayaking, avoiding d-bags at every chance possible, wine, napa, MMA, spin, tattoos, CHEESE!
Favorite Music TOOL, so many, too little time.i'm all over the place...ska, punk, classic rock, metal, alt, disco, blues, swing, broadway, reggae, hip hop via the early 90's, brazilian...electro (some)i'll throw out names eventually...did i mention TOOL?