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Introduction Well, Im a ???recovering??? alcoholic who hasn't had a drink in over 3 years now, but still can't seem to feel "good" about myself no matter what I do, what others tell me, or which psychiatric medications I take. At 34, my life has been long and hard, along the way God blessing me with the most wonderful daughters I could have asked for, one 14 and one 10 months. I don't have many, really any friends except for my husband, who, being an ex-addict himself, has stuck with me through thick and thin. I lost a lot along this journey that is supposed "living"; including a husband, a home, my 14 year old daughter (she is back in my life since sobriety), $50,000 in student loans after quitting a bacheloreate degree nursing school in my senior year, and my wonderful grandmother "Faye" who, thank God, got to see me sober before she died suddenly one year ago. Grandma was my lifeline, my family's lifeline, strength, hope, love, my "mom". Lacking lots of money and physical belongings, I have so much to be thankful for.................Why, then, am I so unhappy?