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Introduction Met my husband, Jeff, in 2001 and married him a year later in 2002. We both graduated from BYU and somehow ended up here in the valley...where I went to school as a kid. Jeff punches the clock for the US Census Bureau and I haven't had a paying job since 2004 - You do the math! Once my first baby was born I became a stay-at-home mom. 1 kid turned into 4 and eventhough I like to think I'm the boss of my 4 kids, they know who's really in charge... and it certainly doesn't feel like it's me most days. We live in Winnetka, CA which means "a beautiful place." One day I will convince my husband that Winnetka is an awesome name. My bosses: Veronica, David, Vanessa and our little Violet. The V names were not completely intentional...I think.