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Industry Chemicals
Occupation ημωάωνίνσήπςφεισΔείχε
Location Pumpa'desa, I'm a real dao jin jiao ren, Albania
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Introduction Nothing a fist full of prozac and a polo mallet couldn't help.As Steg said 私とアムシノーヴァーさんは 美味しいお寿司を食べましたよ about me? think- קוֹץ וְדַרְדַּר
Interests Протоколы Сионских мудрецов, Fußball, I love defenseless animals- especially in a good gravy, נזיקין, संस्कृता वाक्, ऋग्वेद, Stern Gang, דער רבי, TuS Grünenbaum Bakery, אַמשינאָו, Jabotinsky, 賲賯囟, BLOOD, Frogs, Lice, pestilence, Murrain, Boils, Hail, LOCUST, Darkness, ...
Favorite Movies Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob, yentl, Hubbardston MA police safety video, Don't Be a Menace, to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, the eternal jew, צ'רלי בממלכת השוקולד, the mad adventures of rabbi jacob, BARNEY, all that debby did, Bovine birthing video, ishtar, 10, 18, 187, 1776, 1871, 1969, 1984, 1999, 2001, 2010, 2046
Favorite Music stairway-backward, كم يوم نحتاج لعلاج البانشاكارما؟, You Sure Do Look Adopted, annoying hardcore urban bad ass gangsta elevator rap, LOUD NOISE, LAX, HAVA NAGILA, high fidelity porn music, SHOW TUNES, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Das Lied der Deutschen, راجع صفحة المساعدة, shloime dachs, NOT., traffic, Modzitz, Bobov, Юрий Иосифович Визбор, HIP HOP, Shlomo Carlebach
Favorite Books The Prison Writings of Lyndon Larouch, the ones with the pictures in 'em, mein kampf pop up book by Joe Piscopo, Burkina Faso is Burning, dante, Final Exit, Koran, The Gulag Archipelago, Home Cooking with Idi Amin, Works of Mao Tse-tung, As a Driven Leaf, Devil's Dictionary, Kellog's box, anarchists cookbook, mother goose, 1982 AT-A-GLANCE wall calendar, Explanation of Tax Legislation Enacted in the 108th Congress, Autoemanzipation, Avi Ezre'e, Sichos, Протоколы Сионских мудрецов

Unlike a dog, how can a turtle ever be naked?

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