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Gender Female
Location Louisiana
Introduction I am a young designer who is easily inspired by all things in their simplest form. I am a firm believer that photos never do the feeling of a place justice and that if your not dirty- you didn't do it right. This blog was created to display things that inspire me. My obsession with blogs started after I got engaged. Some of the things I have seen are mind blowing and since I can't describe them, I thought that I would blog about them. I have to warn you that I am not a writer, my words often resemble the mumbo jumbo going on in my head, but if you can get it- just one second of it- of why I am so delighted about something- I will be extremely happy. Speaking of happiness. Seeing creative things, ideas, and images makes me happy. In a time where people are quickly realizing that the money that use to keep them busy is no longer available I find that going back to the basics feels good. The basics don't cost anything, they just need a little bit of imagination. Remembering the small things, acts of kindness, and simple fun are what makes me happy.