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Introduction Allan Lian, a Malaysian Chinese, started to read the four Confucian books and five Classics at age 19. The Zhouyi has since 1990 bestowed upon him global omens. In 2003 he published on the Web the first of several global omens before their actual unfolding. Their accuracy has probably caught USA’s attention evidenced by her 2010 preparations to protect Americans. Self-taught, he cultivates his nature (Xing) and fate (Ming) and practises the backward flow method for the Circulation of the Light. He has shared insights since 1993 with a Quanzhen Longmen VIP. While Allan may have witnessed several eternal Tao signposts and has the spiritual clarity to probably penetrate ancient classics and the Changes, he is still learning. The blog title depicts his finite knowledge.
Interests A comment by Joel Biroco aka Steve Marshall or Ma Xia on my interests: "I was pleased to see that Allan Lian has started a blog dedicated to the Zhouyi, Daoist Immortals, and suchlike. I first came across Allan discussing the Yijing in a web forum and found him one of the very few I have encountered who has a true age-old approach to it, which comes from reading with interest and knowing well such works as the Analects of Confucius, Shujing, Book of Rites, and many others." (Biroco April 14 2005)