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Location Hardwick, VT, United States
Introduction I work with the colors black, white and muted tones, mostly cut-outs instead of drawing, and many found objects such as wood that has been washed ashore. My aim is to create works that give me pleasure, visual poems touching on truth and beauty. The main point is that I be happy with the piece. It is a combination of visual choices, random playfulness, thinking, and luck. I have used the same motifs over and over: always circles, people in a state of wonder, replicas, natural objects such as leaves, flowers, lemons, branches, antlers, birds, fish, stars, and catholic iconography especially the cross and the madonna. Why I am wed to these motifs has its roots in my childhood I am sure. “What interests me most about the act of painting is that it is a solitary act...When I begin to work, a chain reaction is set off. One image leads to the next... it would be sad to know in advance that which is to come, for the simple reason that it deprives one of the sense of discovery.” Belgian painter, Pierre Alechinsky, (1978)