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Introduction Richard Crosfield has been investing in the London Stock Market since 1975. He has worked as Finance, Marketing and Managing Director in engineering, publishing and direct marketing businesses. He holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia University. The Joyful Investor is a commentary on investment techniques and individual stocks for the thoughtful investor interested in reaching his or her financial goals over the longer term. While occasionally it will comment on special situations, trading techniques are left to others. The Joyful Investor may be invested in any of the stocks mentioned in this blog. Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to give financial advice. Before investing, do your own research and consult your financial adviser if appropriate. The accuracy of any information included is not guaranteed and may be subject to conjecture or interpretation by The Joyful Investor. Visitors should validate all facts using alternative sources where possible. Copyright: Richard Crosfield affirms his copyright to the posts on this blog. Any reproduction must cite this source.