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Introduction "How My Gift of Foresight Works." A note to my readers: I first noticed I had the gift of foresight in 1979. I have worked on developing my gift ever since. I do this work in an altered state during which time I focus my gift of foresight on receiving a vision. The vision I see in my mind's eye predicts, either literally or symbolically, a future event. The vision itself points the way; I follow. When I write a description of a vision, I write exactly what I "see" as the images flash across the viewing screen of my mind's eye. A vision can represent a prediction which is literal, metaphorical or allegorical. We will not know which of these it is until the predicted event actually occurs, at which time we can analyze and discuss what took place. Also, I should say something here about predictions of the date or time frame when an event will occur. Time is elusive. Some predictions of time can and will be accurate. Other predictions of time could be exactly one month off the mark, exactly one year off the mark or completely off the mark. I ask my readers to keep these points in mind as you follow my work. Thank you. Bill Tenuto