Kelly Loy Gilbert

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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Location San Francisco Bay Area, California
Introduction I think I'll feel like a real adult when: 8 a.m. doesn't feel early to me, I can tell you what "escrow" means, and I own napkins that don't say CHIPOTLE on them. For now, though, I'm a (mostly penniless) fiction writer enjoying my childless and irresponsible twenty-something years in the SF Bay Area. Things could get pretty wild if sweatpants/takeout/TV wasn't my idea of the perfect night.
Interests Frugality. Writing. Cooking. Marriage. Asian American literature. Community. Inside jokes. God. Social justice. Gardens. Academia. California. Vintage. Interior design. I used to teach paper arts and scrapbooking classes-but it's been a while.
Favorite Music It varies-but I LOVE listening to songs on loop. Guess who hates that? My husband. Guess who always wears headphones? (Either of us, actually. Sometimes I win, and sometimes he does.)

Your pajamas have duckies on them. Why did you switch from choo-choos?

Are choo-choos as delicious as duckies? As cute? Do you read their name (choo-choos) and know immediately what they are, like you do with duckies? (Seriously, is it trains?) Does my husband coo when baby choo-choolings follow their mother across the road? Can a rubber choo-choo accompany you in the bathtub? (... Does that sound inappropriate?) Heck no. Duckies, thanks.