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Introduction i prefer not to use caps (if given the option)and i love thinking about things that are better in theory. i think the boys from monty python are hilarious and that there's only one sort of football--the manchester united kind. i dig dry humour and the proust questionnaire and i wish i had an old shelby mustang and a chevy chevelle (if you're asking). good manners never go out of style and inside jokes are never too exclusive (no matter what anyone says). i also think that there really should be more background music and entrance music and exit music, and just more music in general. extemporaneous or self-effacing rhetoric is the best, but getting the window seat when travelling is even better. brevity, specificity, and natural light make me happy, but natural wonders, warm tea, and really (really) long dinners make me happier. i adore cheeky grins, and if you've got one i'm coming after you (with my camera).