Ted Fox

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Occupation Looking majestic in this Seinfeld-style puffy shirt
Location tedfoxisawesome.com
Introduction Hello there. My name is Ted Fox, and I'm a humor writer represented by Janet Reid of FinePrint Literary Management. In large part because the folks at FinePrint are so awesome, my first book was published by Adams Media in June 2012; it's called YOU KNOW WHO'S AWESOME? (NOT YOU.) and has since been turned into the 2014 NOT AWESOME desktop calendar. Wow, that was a lot of "awesome" for one sentence, especially since I used it both as a term of endearment and one of derision. Did I mention that I'm a writer? You can also find me on Twitter (@AuthorTedFox) and check out my site at tedfoxisawesome.com (it's ironical), where I'm confident you'll find any number of reasons to ask: This guy got a book deal? In closing, I'd just like to share how annoyed I am that you can't use line breaks in these profiles. Trust me, this looks a lot better as six paragraphs rather than one blob of text. So get it together, Blogger, or you're going to lose the 0 dollars per year I pay you for this incredibly helpful service. Yeah, that's a lie.