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Gender MALE
Industry Engineering
Occupation Retired September, 2013
Location Northeast Florida, Intracoastal Waterway
Introduction My Preparedness wake-up call was “Y2K”. I knew then that we citizens are in for some very bad times because of reliance on the internet, computers and corrupt politicians. At that time I immediately began stocking-up with rice, beans, flour, pasta, can meats, can soups, can sauces, water, cooking fuels, and an alternative shelter. From Y2K until 2008, I belonged to several forums and quickly found their posts were filled with illogical and questionable postings. They needed testing, re-testing and the verifying of results that were absent on most all forums. That’s when I started Living Prepared, a blog meant to fill those voids. Living Prepared is not meant to be a typical daily blog about what I do everyday, but a teaching blog, a source of preparedness topics and self-reliance information that has been tested and I use for my own disaster survival. All the topics I covered so far are listed in my right side-bar.
Interests Self-Reliance, Self-defense, Self-sufficiency, Pioneer Lifestyle, Survival Methods, Gardening, Canning, Long Term Food Storage, Target Shooting, Living Free from Government Interference, Frugal Living, Solar Power, Off-Grid Living, RV Living.
Favorite Movies Down Periscope my all time favorite. Don't go but maybe once or twice a year unless it deals with outdoors, Homesteading, Self-Reliance, Survival
Favorite Music 1970-1990 Oldies, Jazz and Piano Solo's
Favorite Books All books teaching self-reliance. One Mans Wilderness by Richard Proenneke is a great book including the DVD about one man living in the wilderness. The Frugal Survivalist. One Second After. The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin, and other books like these.