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Gender MALE
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Occupation Student & Advocate / Activist
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Introduction I AM AN ACTIVIST... not by title or declaration, but by my activities for over 30 years, I fit that definition in its entirety, completely, and exactly! Having been regulated out of a 35 year old business, left me with NOTHING TO LOSE, A LOT OF TIME ON MY HANDS, AND A PISSED OFF ATTITUDE - The least I can do is be a thorn in the political bear’s side (or a loose cannon on a runaway train)!? - CALL ME KARMA WITH VENGEANCE! There is a difference between doing something ABOUT the homeless and FOR the homeless. The current economic trends did not JUST happen. . . but is JUST THE BEGINNING!!? Solutions can only be found by understanding the causes.
Interests Homelessness is NOT Illegal is Fact, Economic Imbalance between Increased Housing Costs & Affordable Wages is the Cause, New Laws making it a Crime Violates Civil Rights & Perpetuates Hardships, U.S. 9th District Court Rules Homelessness is NOT a Crime is being violated by many communities!
Favorite Movies Irrelevant..... but willing to discuss {;-?)
Favorite Music "AUDIO LINK" on my profile page...
Favorite Books U.S. 9th District Court transcript ruling on Homelessness NOT a Crime! Excerpts & Link found at: http://homelessreality.org

What did you dream when you ate a spider while sleeping?

So life with the bushes isn't so bad... if all the bugs are taken out. It's the bureaucracy causing the problems!?