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Gender Female
Location Austin, Texas, United States
Introduction A middle-aged woman prone to cursing, verbosity and sometimes pomposity. I have deep respect for the military and its members, an admiration for technically adept people and a need to know everything about everyone. Politically, you might think of me as a sort of anarcho-capitalist with ancient republican leanings. Everything here is my own opinion and is not intended to reflect that of any other individual or organization unless precisely stated as such. Words matter here. Choose yours with care, say what you mean and mean what you say.
Favorite Movies Tombstone, Out of Africa, Aliens, The House of Mirth, The Lion In Winter, so many more...
Favorite Music Massive Attack, Robin Trower, Caroline Lavelle, Cooder Graw, George Strait, so many more...
Favorite Books Impossible!

Paper or briefs?

Paper is worthless these days. Once upon a time, however, my briefs were highly valued.