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Industry Arts
Occupation Creativity
Location Wisconsin, United States
Introduction I am 40 something, a Libra, a very tall girl, and a tomboy. I am a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a life’s partner, and a friend. I am the guardian of several cats, a Doberman, and the occasional barn dwelling varmint. I am an artist, a creator, a crafter, and an all-around-maker-of things. I am a reader, a writer, a music listener, and a movie watcher. I am a loner, a big dreamer, an often over-thinker, and a believer. I am loving, honest, passionate, opinionated, tenacious, and fiercely loyal. I am a huge fan of M*A*S*H, Looney Tunes, and psychological thrillers. I am a caretaker, a home improver, a pretty good cook, a fair baker, and one heck of a food preserver. I am a wearer of jeans, t-shirts, shorts and bare feet. I am a conservator of the natural world and all it’s inhabitants. I am a summer lover, a garden grower, and a pool floater. I am a fisherwoman, a hiker, a camper, and a hammock-swinger. I am a bird listener, a flower smeller, and a cloud investigator. I am a recycler, a repurposer, an adaptor, and a make-doer of things. I am a Christian, a survivor of BiPolar Disorder, a former foster child, and a student of Life. I am me.
Interests Art, Crafts, Reading, Writing, Music, Outdoors, Camping, Gardening, Movies, My kids, My Love, etc.

Will I see you in heaven?