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Gender Female
Location Darien, IL
Introduction I'm going to college for nursing but I SHOULD have done makeup or some art...I chose nursing since I said forget being a starving artist. I love makeup and DIY things. I'm huge into accomplishing something without spending loads of money/time - that's just an excuse though. I think the real reason is because I appreciate the creativity that goes into finding an alternate route to reach the same destination (being more efficient and saving a couple bucks are just bonuses ^__^).

I really love to prettify people/things whether it be myself, others, or things around me. I've always found beautiful people fascinating. This has been a constant question on my mind - WHAT is it that makes someone beautiful? Hair? Eyes? Geometry of their face? Effort? Don't get me wrong - there is FAR more to life than beauty. But I've struggled to understand this my entire life. This blog - along with other tips, tricks, and random ramblings - is dedicated to this subject.

Other facts: I'm oldest of 4 kids, Catholic, and Polish. I have a black cat named Delilah. And I was an extra for the movie "Witless Protection".

PS: I can't tell a short story.
Interests Stories, costumes, cooking, D&D, DDR, makeup, beauty, burgundy hair, rockband, movies, renaissance fair, anime, musicals, Twilight, DIY, weddings, jewelry, thrift stores, web surfing, final fantasy, cosplay, x-men, music
Favorite Movies Anastasia, Billy Madison, Boondock Saints, Borat, Butterfly Effect, Collateral, Death Note, Edward Scissorshands, Enemy at the Gates, Failure to Launch, Fireproof, The Forsyte Saga, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, He's just Not that Into You, Jumanji, Match Point, Monster's Inc, The Painted Veil, Pay it Forward, The Punisher, Taken, The 10th Kingdom, V for Vendetta, War of the Worlds, The Wedding Singer, All X-Men movies - usually movies that can keep my sporadic attention span in one place :)
Favorite Music Andrea Boccelli, Bond, Britney Spears, Cinema Bizarre, Daughtry, Gorillaz, Imperative Reaction, J.Ralph, Lucas Prata, Muse, Nickelback, Nine Inch Nails, Sarah Brightman, Tom Petty, Within Temptation - there's a lot more than this, but a lot of them I noticed only had one or two good songs. (Example: "Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolf is one of my all time favorite songs. But it's probably the ONLY song I enjoy by Kevin Rudolf). I decided to list the artists who the majority of their songs appeal to me. Also if you go here it's a pretty good combo of my favorite songs:,
Favorite Books The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Alchemist, The Bible, Ella Enchanted, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Little Women, Of Mice and Men, Twilight, books by the author Sydney Sheldon