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Gender Male
Industry Publishing
Occupation Writer
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Introduction A pure mathematics graduate from the University College of London who previously never made any writing except what was demanded at examinations suddenly found himself totally losing interest in hard science, pulled instead towards spiritual thoughts. Not knowing what next, he became a journalist for the major Malaysian daily The New Straits Times and actually stayed there for 5 years. After a while circumstances initiated him into the mysteries of Sufism, another word for Islamic spirituality. Also he was pulled to study his roots so much so that he started visiting and sleeping at old tombs all around Malaysia. Now he is a full-time writer but prefers to call himself a full-time bum as it is easier to explain what he is up to that way...
Interests Reading, travelling physically, intelectually and spiritually, music (hearing and playing)
Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings, Star Wars the whole series and a host of other movies which I can't recall titles...
Favorite Music Classical (Chopin, Paganini and such) and Malay traditional (Asyik, Terinat...)
Favorite Books Sir al Asrar, Futuhat Al Makiyah, Tao of Physics and books with similar themes (spiritual, Sufistic). I'm sure I've read more than a thousand books but I'm very bad at recalling titles as I tend to digest contents like my stomach digest food. Once the gist is taken, what remains is the essence which makes up my being... Get it?

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

Depends on who is in bed with me... Ha! Ha!