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Gender Female
Industry Technology
Occupation Technical Support Agent
Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
Interests Hmmmm, I have so many! So many ideas, an endless list of ideas! My latest..a quilt...but I don't sew! My co-worker is making a quilt and I thought "hmmm, why not" There I went on my google search...found one! a very difficult one!...but it is sooooooo nice, and it..will only take me... a year or two? Working on a piece of stained glass right now( I have the scars to prove it) a bandaid did no good, I needed about four!
Favorite Movies The last movie I saw was Fairy Tale, I cuddled up on the couch, I wanted popcorn to make the evening extra special..didn't have any though...a blanket! I needed a blanket and the weather was only about 90 but that is what you do isn't it? Atonement, now there I didn't really want to cuddle with a blanket...where is the man! oh been alone enough to enjoy my own company...Mrs. Doubtfire, well I watched her three times? four maybe..then there was ET...I remember my childrens father and I imitating his voice and pointing our finger up to the
Favorite Music The sound track of Once upon a time in America...haven't been able to get away from it..don't want but I bet the neighbour downstairs is kind of getting tired of it. And then ther is my Christian music, out to save the world...PREACH IT SISTER A
Favorite Books most of my books are non fiction, but after watching Fairy Tale and not feeling stupid watching a kids show, I think I might read Christopher Robinson.

What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?

Masking tape