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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Food lover
Location Enterprise, AL, United States
Interests Cooking of course, followed by stained cook books, eating, laughing, working out. Reading something new that makes me go: WOW!!! Surround myself with full of genuine, passionate, healthy (mentally & physically), balanced, creative, and smart people...People with essence and a little spice to add some fun. Love all outdoors activities; biking, running, sailing, hiking, camping, snorkeling, mountain climbing.. love music and dancing (not going to clubs..but in my living room, in my pajamas...or at my friends house with his old Puerto-Rican aunts and uncles, dancing on Buana Vista Social Club. Love my dogs, a fire place, the sea, warm wind on my face, to love, cultures, people, babies, languages, food markets, honesty, givng and sharing, touching feet under the blanket, cuddling and hugging, the sun, taking my shoes off, walking in the sand, love massages, yoga, nice hot bowl of soup on a cold winter day, watching a good movie, listing to good music, reading a good book, working on my house, walking in the snow at night, listen to the rain and the waves, caramel, bittersweet chocolate, berries, sushies and loads and loads more.......
Favorite Movies Don't have one in particular..but I espacially love international movies with a soul, lots of meaning and of course a happy ending hi! hi!
Favorite Music Everything and anything to fill my soul with good feelings, inspiration, focus and concentration....zap maman, jack johnson, Bia, Buana vista social name only a few...I also love classical, blues, R&B, Hip hop, international, funk, rock, rap, alternative..huge range HUGE...
Favorite Books cooking books of course!! Thomas Keller; the French Laudry and Bistro... This man is a genious!

What is a caper???