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Introduction In a world in which consumers are becoming smarter than the marketer, it is more difficult than ever to create advertising that is effective and that connects emotionally with the consumer. Additionally, mass assumptions no longer work. Companies, agencies and institutions must understand on a deep level what is important as it relates to identity, lifestyle, and the needs of the people they want to communicate with. CultureLab was born from the understanding that consumer research and lifestyle intelligence should be at the forefront for those who want to develop effective marketing campaigns. Everything we do is rooted in our original mission and as market dynamics change with increasing frequency, companies rely on us to help them navigate. We love helping companies, institutions, and brands develop the inspiration that sparks connection across the incredibly hyper-fragmented, “long tail” media environment as well as the incredibly complex and growing world of “tribes of interest”. CultureLab’s primary mission is to help our clients connect more effectively with the people that are most important to them and to help them create ongoing sustainable relationships.