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Industry Communications or Media
Location Somalia
Introduction Your religion isn't based on faith, it's based on geography; the influence of religion is clearly geographical (that is, cultural). If you're an American, you are likely to be a Christian. If you were born in Saudi Arabia, you are likely to be a Muslim. If you were born in Somalia you'd mostly only know about Islam. Your given geographical location dictates which religion you are likely to adhere to. If the goal then is to believe the truth, let's hope you were born in the right country. The geographical (cultural) influence invalidates an individual's embrace of that religion if they have made no honest attempt at exploring other options. There's nothing sadder in life than letting an illiterate old man in Arabia dictate it by control through unreason, emotional manipulation through fear, or by way of brainwashing.
Interests Reading, writing, sports, politics, education and various other activities. And repudiating "myths" people "believe".
Favorite Music Cumar Dhuule, Samatar, Khadra Daahir, Xasan Diiriye, iyo dhammaan fannaaniinta Soomaaliyeed intii nool iyo intii geeryootay.
Favorite Books The God Delusion