About me

Gender Male
Industry Construction
Occupation making things work
Location Jew Langeles, Zogifornia
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Introduction I despise jews because they have long history of over two thousand years proving that they are heartless, soul-less, monsters who will stop at nothing to suck the life's blood out of all gentile people. These demon spawn have proven that they will stop at nothing in their quest to fulfill the diabolical prophesies outlined in their vile and evil Talmud. If you think I jest or are unsure of what the Talmud outlines for them, or whether you have never heard of the Talmud at all- the power is at your fingertips in finding out the truth. Do a simple internet search for the "Talmud" and see for yourself what is in store for you if their plans are successful.
Interests I am a single issue man....I concentrate all my efforts on exposing the true colors of the Jewish menace. No other issue will ever be solved until the Jewish problem is dealt with. Do not waste your time on side issues, the Jew is the problem that matters most. If you open your eyes you will find a Jewish presence at the heart of almost all of our problems. Focus all your attention on the head of the octopus, not on it's tentacles!
Favorite Movies Payback (Mel Gibson)
Favorite Music Thrash Metal
Favorite Books Please read: The Age of Reason, by Thomas Paine You can get a free pdf copy at: