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Introduction I'm reading towards a DPhil in Computer Science at Balliol College, Oxford.
Interests Computers, Philosophy, Physics, Maths, Travel, Webcomics, Procrastination, Coffee, Catnaps, Debates, Chinese Food
Favorite Movies The Pirates of Silicon Valley, Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides, Big Fish, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Girl with a Pearl Earring
Favorite Music REM, The Eagles, Jefferson Airplane, Rolling Stones, Yoko Kanno, Machinae Supremacy, Simon and Garfunkel, Tracy Chapman, Neil Young, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, Kenny G, Kenny Rogers, Pet Shop Boys, 65daysofstatic
Favorite Books Jane Austen's Emma, Sinfest, Carroll's Alice, Balzac's L'Histoire des Treize, Flaubert's Salammbô, anything by Voltaire, Nietzsche's Ainsi Parlait Zarathoustra

How is an ankle unlike a consequence?

The ankle necessarily leads from the foot to the leg and from the leg to the foot, whereas p therefore q necessarily leads from p to q, but not (necessarily) from q to p. God I love these questions...