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Gender Male
Industry Construction
Occupation Skilled Laborer
Location Laplace, Louisiana
Introduction I am a 49 year old man whose life is on hold because of actions or failures to act on the part of persons that had either contractual legal duties or statutory legal duties to act or to not act in the manner in which they did.
Interests Executing tasks well
Favorite Movies Bladerunner Platoon
Favorite Music Rock of most types
Favorite Books Generally my reading is limited to entertainment. I prefer science fiction. However, the most memorable book I have ever read is 1984. I have been gathering the titles of other dystopian novels with the thought that I would locate and read them.

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

A banana peel. The reason a wet sock is not the better choice is although the wet sock can be stretched to form an airplane when the sock dries it will tend to return to its original shape. The banana, on the other hand, although it shrinks as it dries, retains its general shape. I would prefer to fabricate the model airplane using a fresh banana peel.