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Occupation Celebrating Life : )
Location Grass Valley, CA
Introduction Whew! I'm still getting to know me ... and it's a great adventure! : )
Interests After being wife, mother, teacher-in-residence, business partner, and general cottage keeper, I branch out into reading, writing, gardening, cooking, dreaming, musing, laughing, singing, dancing (in twirly dresses -- I just LOVE to do that), being loved and in love, and celebrating life as a child of God. (Like a good thesis sentence the best comes last.) ; )
Favorite Movies I love a happy ending. (There, I've admitted it for all the world to see.) Enchanted April would be the film I take to a desert island, but I would definitely try to pack in the 5-hour Pride and Prejudice, Babette's Feast, My Mother's Castle, A Year in Provence, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty... and the list goes on. (Along with these happily-ever-afters I would tuck in Out of Africa and Gone With the Wind, despite the less than happy endings.)
Favorite Music I love beautiful music be it classical, celtic, spiritual, or opera. Folk music makes me smile and regional world music adds a certain zest to any meal or moment I choose for escape. BUT ... my favorite music happens right here in our very own music room. Harp+Harp+Piano=Heavenly!
Favorite Books Books, books, how I do love books! They are EVERYWHERE in my cottage!! Jane Austen rests over here while the Bronte Sisters prefer this settee far from Thomas Hardy. Mind you don't miss all of King Arthur's Chronicles shelved in the library right near Tolkien and Lewis and please pause for poetry (I have oodles of it). Biographies and travelogues inspire me and I salivate over good cookbooks. But near and dear to my heart and bedside you'll find the Holy Book. My cache of books is vast and varied but I have plenty of room in my heart (if not on the shelves) for a new introduction. Read any good books lately? : )

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

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