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Occupation StuDent lagi !!!
Location Ipoh, Pay-RoCk, Malaysia
Introduction no comment
Interests herm..... books, musics, movies, shopping (what girls do), shoes, buat perkara tak berpaEdah langsung... habiskan Ma$a dgN mengelAmun.. huhuhuhu..
Favorite Movies What Movie U Find Interesting? Tell Me If U Find One..Ha3......
Favorite Music All The Music I Can Hear...So Many Song To Hear..Aiyooo...No Space To Rite Them....The Most Impotant Is The Music Dat Will Not Make My Ears Bleeding..OMG...My ears bleeding..HELP ME!!!!pleaz send me to hospital NOW!!!!!!sakit mental nyer wad OK????
Favorite Books history?culture?krisis perkauman? aiyoo...give me headache only ma... buku2 sAinS fiction?? wow!! i'm not that smart.....

You've been invited to a fancy ball but the only thing you have to wear is an orange wooly jumper. What shoes do you wear?

erm..wat shoes yek!!!! sliper jepun takpown sliper jamban..k gak kan???