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Location Texas, United States
Introduction I have 7 wonderful, breathtaking children. My family is my life & my forever. I Have been richly blessed. My husband is my very best friend and an extraordinary man, who I esteem, respect & appreciate profoundly. I am a devote believer of Jesus Christ. I have endured many hard things and will certainly endure many more hard things to come but I choose to feel joy in the process of overcoming & learning. I look for things daily to inspire me. I am a Canadian by birth but call Texas home. I am a avid journaler and appreciate great writing, photography, design and music at its finest. I do my fair share of household chores, carpooling & referring between 5 boys and 1 angel daughter who thinks she rules the roost (rightfully so…she kind of does). I’ve realized that I should have paid better attention in school because my kids are readily asking me questions on their school work that I do not know the answers to (sigh). Thank goodness for google. I am a happy, passionate and a deep feeling person. I am a lover of life.
Interests Family blog gone private. If you want in, please just message me. You can find me at
Favorite Books Book of Mormon tops the list for sure and others.