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Gender Female
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Coder
Location United States
Introduction Who am I? How should I know? We are just here! Take the world of due as the world of due. Someday we will find out exactly why we are here. But for now love it, enjoy it, live it! Do what I think I am I required to do?... and yes! ...That's mean doing the right thing! :) Ahhh! Lighten up! You don't have to quarrel with me about right and wrong and who view it is... haha! Just teasing! May all of us Love life to our heart content. It's the food of soul that nourish us to eternity!
Favorite Movies Six Sense, The Untouchable, The Machinist, Doctor DooLittle, Wallace and Grommet The Cruse of the Were-Rabbit
Favorite Music Avanga jazz, Mike Oldfield, Kind of Blue, King Crimso
Favorite Books Buddhism Insight Meditation in Plain English, The Roadless Travelled, Tuesday with Morris, This Light in OneSelf