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Gender Male
Introduction I'm the husband of Becky, the father of Macy and Grace, a writer of books, and the pastor of a great church. Most importantly, I am a follower of Jesus.

My passion is for the spread of gospel wakefulness in the evangelical church.

Visit me online at www.jaredcwilson.com.

E-mail me at: Jared AT gospeldrivenchurch DOT com

My books Your Jesus is Too Safe, Abide, and Gospel Wakefulness are available now.

7 Daily Sins is forthcoming from Threads.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own and should not be construed as representing the corporate views of the church I pastor (especially when I'm wrong or when I'm being an idiot).
Interests Jesus, church, theology, reading, writing, books, movies, music, sports, cigars, sushi, hanging out with friends.
Favorite Movies Casablanca, Seven Samurai
Favorite Books The Bible, C.S. Lewis, John Piper