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Introduction I try to be an instinctive cook, tasting and prodding rather than strictly following recipes or cooking times. It means I’m learning and adapting rather than applying a formula for a predestined result. But just because I prefer to bumble along, it doesn’t mean I don’t want a map sometimes. I admit to having trust issues when it comes to baking, and I prefer to stick with those that consistently work. I write scathing comments next to those that over promise and under perform. Maximum flavour for minimum exertion – whether in the form of shopping for ingredients, preparing or washing up – is my preferred method. I love being able to throw things into one pot and have the ingredients metamorphose in hours, with the help of a stockpot, or a matter of minutes using a wok. Sometimes I find myself overcome with patience and only a fully absorbing, crafty sort of cooking like sushi rolling or lattice cutting will do. Though I write this blog mainly as a repository for my foodie musings, I love reading comments on posts, or emails sent to: frolickingfoodie[at]hotmail[dot]com