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Location New Zealand
Introduction My name is Myst and I am the mother of three children, one whom I lost to forced adoption in New Zealand in 1998. I use this blog to share my story so others may be better informed of adoption practises in New Zealand and not lose their child in the same way I did.
Interests Adoption reform, reading, craft, bush walks, Nature, travelling
Favorite Movies Ohhhh too many to list... recent ones I have seen and enjoyed: V for Vendetta, August Rush, Erin Brokovich (seen a few times), lets leave it at that for now!
Favorite Music Lots... Josh Groban, Coldplay, Regina Spektor, Roxette (I know, I know yet still I love them), Dance music, Popular music, Folk music, Rock music, Classical music, MUSIC IN GENERAL
Favorite Books Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series, Harry Potter, um... lot more..., trues stories about injust situations that justice eventually wins

How can anyone support adoption when they know how many lives it has maimed and destroyed? How can anyone support anything that causes pain and destruction?