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Introduction Hi! I’m an archaeologist during the week and a baker in my free time. I have been in the kitchen helping, stealing batter, and covering everything in flour for as long as I can remember. I am a 4th generation baker that learned to bake from my mother, but especially my grandmother. No visit of hers was ever complete without some sort of sweet morsel or tidbit covered in wax paper or hidden away in Tupperware. My fondest memories of her take place in the kitchen or involve some sort of sweet. From her I inherited the love of being in the kitchen, as well as a hefty sweet tooth! Since my sweet tooth did not disappear with age, I decided to alter my baking to fit my healthier lifestyle. Whole grain flours and natural sweeteners have become my pantry staples. Healthier and more wholesome baking has become a constant learning process and I still have a lot more to discover and perfect.