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Industry Environment
Occupation Social Entrepreneurs
Location Toronto, Canada
Introduction PeapodLife revitalizes buildings by integrating nature and technology to put human beings and ecosystems together again in mutual symbiosis. Forget “green” buildings, we create Living Buildings. Living buildings are defined not only sustainable—energy and water use; producing clean air and organic food—but also holistic—serenity, productivity, health and wellness, satisfaction and vitality—for individuals, families, employees, organizations and communities. PeapodLife puts the foundation of life back into residential, commercial and institutional architecture. PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology is the product of cooperation amongst strategic partners who share common values including the 3P's: People, Planet, Profits. Like every organism in any ecosystem, each Partner makes a significant contribution to the collective symbiosis of the whole. The ecosystem becomes a super-organism by virtue of the integration of each individual participant. The community of organisms naturally attracts additional participants and the ecosystem grows and thrives.
Interests building, ecosystems, technology, living walls, breathing walls, indoor gardens, moss, orchids, organic, food, living water, green additions, construction, retrofits, clean air, curing sick building syndrome