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Location Midwest, United States
Introduction You may find references to: ADHD, impulsivity, inattentiveness, fire, public urination, distractibility, wit, humor, shiny things, the Easter Bunny, murder, clowns, ponies, alcohol, headless chickens, death, baked alaska, divorce, and hope. Mind if I take your picture?
Interests watching people, noticing random stuff, writing about it, sleeping
Favorite Movies Raiders of the lost ark, Kill Bill Vols I & II, Most movies with a satisfactory ending between the protagonist and antagonist. Not like those freaking Sundance movies. Don't you hate how those damn Indie movies always leave you hanging? Their all like Oh! we're so cool we don't NEED everything all wrapped up with a bow on top because resolution is for PUSSIES! We're INDIE and we like our movies to piss people off because that's an EMOTION MAN! And emotions are good! Especially the emotion of being pissed off because anger lets you know you're ALIVE BRO! I really hate those pretentious movies but I ALWAYS END UP WATCHING THEM ANYWAY!!! Ugh! I hate myself for that!
Favorite Music The Fratellis, The Ramones, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, The Rolling Stones and a bunch of other ones that begin with "The".
Favorite Books Memoirs of a Geisha, Water for Elephants, medieval history (yeah I'm a dork), lots more.

You can punch a hole in an apple using a straw. How do you think that makes your milkshake feel?

Dirty. Dirty and used.