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Industry Arts
Occupation Animation background painter, illustrator
Location Los Angeles, California, United States
Introduction I grew up in a Japan that was still at the beginning of the anime and manga-driven pop culture. As a child in Tokyo, I still remember going to a promotional opening of Ultraman in a local theater. They had Ultraman (a guy in the Ultraman suit) come jumping out before they proceeded to show the first episode on the big screen. The theater was packed with kids, and it was great! I also just loved watching Japanese monster movies with the monster trampling over those model buildings of Tokyo. My career aspiration at age 8 was to become the guy in the rubber monster suit, so I can destroy all those cool looking movie sets. Also at the time in Japan, one can view some American made shows like, Sea Hunt, Flipper, Lost in Space, and Voyage to the bottom of the sea. Which explains my pursuit of art…well at least my love for scuba diving.