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Gender Female
Industry Student
Location seattle suburbia, wa, United States
Introduction I'm a life-time Seattle-area girl. I am now a stay-at-home mom and a full time student. I have a great house, a fantastic dog, and an exceptional group of friends. I'm very outgoing, and it's difficult to offend me. I love to cook, drink wine, hike, travel, kiss, write, and spend quality time with people. I sometimes sleep through perfectly good movies. I am left handed, though I am learning to play the guitar right-handed (or maybe I should say I *WAS* learning, until I pick up that guitar case more regularly). I am clutzy; I seem to have difficulties properly picking up my feet when I walk. I also have trouble putting my clothes on right-side-out. If forced to label myself, I'd say I'm a pseudo-(sub)urban neo-hippy. :) I'm quite left-leaning in politics, social issues, and spirituality.
Interests alaska, andromeda, attachment parenting, avery, babies, baby wearing, baja, banff, bass, bbqs, beaches, bein' nekked, belle and sebastian, bonfires, books, breastfeeding, camping, candles, cascade mountain range, cats, ceviche, chai tea, cheese, childbirth, children, chocolate, cloth diapers, coffee, concerts, cooking, cuddling, curry, death cab for cutie, devilled eggs, dogs, eels, elliott smith, fish tacos, food, food network, fresh air on npr, friends, guitar, hiking, hot tubbing, humor, indian food, intact boys, intelligence, iron chef, isabel allende, jazz, justin, kissing, knitting, laughter, literature, low iron, margaret atwood, marriage, martin acoustic guitars, mexican food, mexico, monkeys, movies, museums, music, musicals, my husband, my son, napping, nashville, new cities, new york, newborns, nursing, oceans, octopi, olives, olympic mountain range, olympic peninsula, orion, palabra jot, parties, peru, pets, photography, piercings, pirates, port, portland, portraits, pregnancy, protruding baby bellies, puget consumer's co-op, purple hair, quirkiness, radiohead, ravens, reading, red hair, road trips, san francisco, san juan islands, sandalwood, scarves, seattle, self portraits, sex, short stories, singing, skinny-dipping, snow, snuggling, spanish, spanish juvenile literature, spooning, sri lanka, star-gazing, story telling, sushi, taco bus food, tattoos, thai food, the beatles, the family guy, the simpsons, theater, this american life, thunder, touching, tracy chapman, travel, trees, turkish coffee, turtles, uniqueness, vietnamese food, vinegar, voices on the verge, weetzie bat, wild elephants, wine, wool, words, writing, yarn, young adult literature
Favorite Movies amelie, brazil, charlie and the chocolate factory, garden state, muppet movie, toy story 2
Favorite Music A tribe called quest, afro cuban all stars, aimee mann, angelo badalamente, ani difranco, the beatles, belle and sebastian, ben harper, beth ortin, beulah, billy holiday, blackalicious, brad mehldau, built to spill, carol king, coldplay, cowboy junkies, crosby stills nash &; young, deb talon, damian jurado, dar williams, dave douglas, dave matthews, death cab for cutie, the ditty bops, elliott smith, fiona apple, ibrahim ferrer, indigo girls, iron and wine, jack johnson, jacob young, johnny cash, jolie holland, josh ritter, jurassic 5, keller williams, kings of convenience, korby lenker, medeski martin &; wood, modest mouse, neutral milk hotel, nick drake, peaches, pink martini, portishead, postal service, rachels, radiohead, the roots, rosie thomas, sarah harmer, stereolab, tom waits, tori amos, tracy chapman, various artists, voices on the verge
Favorite Books Another Roadside Attraction, The Baby Book, Beet Queen, Geek Love, Handmaid's Tale, House of All Spirits (anything by Isabel Allende, really), Like Water for Chocolate, Love in the Time of Cholera, Red Tent, Time Traveller's Wife