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Gender MALE
Industry Internet
Occupation Stud
Location San Jose, California, United States
Introduction A San Jose Native, Hungry Artist, and Cool Fellow; Andrew is a former Animation/Illustration student turned Fine Arts Major Studio Practice/Pictorial Emphasis. I've developed my own style of work and art is my form of creative expression so each piece has a meaning. My older brother is an artist and I was heavily influenced by his style as well as all the Saturday Morning cartoons, video games, TV, dunkaroos, lunchables, comics, and art books i consumed into my noggin' It gave me ADHD, OCD, ADD, and eventually I became insane. I doodled like a maniac in class. I'm easily distracted so art is my way of appeasing my soul and also it gave my opportunity to express my creativity to other people. I live a frugal, bohemian, DIY lifestyle that embodies my spiritual mind, body and spirit. - Contact me at for any inquiries.
Interests Traveling, Minglin', Sketching, Blogs, Fashion, Art, Music, Film, Photography, Movements, Talking, Foodies, Social Networks, Reality TV shows, DVR recordings, and figuring out my cultural identity
Favorite Movies The Sandlot, Surf Ninjas, Punch-Drunk Love, Star Trek (2009), District 9, Minority Report, Forrest Gump, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Blade Trinity, Clerks II, Ong-Bak, I Love You, Man, Disturbia, Transformers, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Donnie Darko, Dawn of the Dead, 300, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Ponyo, Toy Story, How To Train Your Dragon, Hula Girls, Aliens, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Aladdin, War of the Worlds, Jumper, Wanted, The Transporter, I Am Number Four, Take Me Home Tonight, Trick 'R Treat, Faster, Attack of the Block, Leon The Professional, Drive, 50/50, Hesher, James and the Giant Peach, Princess Mononoke, Little Mermaid, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mallrats, Equilibrium, The Matrix, Fight Club, The Truman Show, Bruce Almighty, A Christmas Story, Rumble in the Bronx, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), Forest Gump, Edge of Tomorrow, Star Wars Prequels and Original, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Pulp Fiction, Project Almanac, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Whiplash, Nightcrawler, Mad Max Fury Road, Bruce Almighty, School of Rock
Favorite Music Purity Ring, XXYYXX, Butterclock, oOoOO, BBNG, Joey Bada$$. Robb Bank$, A$AP Rocky, OFWGKTA, Reije Snow, Apani B, Mr. Lif, J Dilla, The Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, Eric Clapton, She & Him, Matt and Kim, Olivia Ong, DOOM, Madlib, Prefuse 73, Frank Ocean, Hieroglyphics, Zero 7, Massive Attack, Inara George, The Bird & The Bee, The Clash, Weezer, Chromeo, Bonobo, Nightmares on Wax, Ralph Myerz, Daft Punk, Justice, Paramore, Meg & Dia, The Roots, Battles, Daedelus, Four Tet, Aphex Twin, Flobots, Bedouin Soundclash, Black Eyed Peas, Common, Cody ChesnuTT, The Cure, Gorillaz, Jason Mraz, Rita Ora, Kings of Convenience, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, the list is long...
Favorite Books Lord of the Flies, The Outsiders, Holes