About me

Location Connecticut, United States
Introduction Marla is a thirtysomething semi-professional. She lives in Connecticut with her husband Chris, a crazy beagle and her sweetheart cat. She’s an avid listener of audiobooks and likes to cook. She watches way too much TV and thinks a second DVR is needed. She's been crafting since she was little and loves finding a great deal. She's also trying to lose weight and has become slightly obsessed with diet and exercise. She blogs over at
Interests losing weight, exercise, weight watchers, knitting, crafts, scrapbooking, card making, refinishing furniture, cooking, baking, hiking, letterboxing, camping
Favorite Movies Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pulp Fiction, Twilight Series, One Crazy Summer, Midnight Maddness
Favorite Music Alternative, Rock, Indie, Country, Alt-Country, Barenaked Ladies
Favorite Books Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Sookie Stackhouse series, His Dark Materials, Chronicals of Narnia, Twilight Series