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Location Arcata, California
Introduction I'm an East Coast transplant to Humboldt County, California by way of Minnesota and in love with food, cooking, farming and DIYers. While I was vegetarian (technically pescatarian) for 15 or so years, I now eat what has been termed the Mediterranean diet - mainly cheese, fish and legumes as my primary protein with sprinkles of seasoned pork for flavoring and the occasionally beef indulgence. I prefer to cook with the seasons (and locally if possible). I have worked for several co-ops - in Santa Monica, CA and in Northfield, Minnesota (the land of local food - truly) and think co-ops are the bee's knees. If you live near one, patronize it! It will become your second home. Farmer's markets are great too, but Co-ops Rock! I love writing about food and reading other food blogs. Drop me a note if you want to suggest a blog that isn't currently in my blog roll, which I read religiously. You can contact me at kirstenmlindquist AT gmail DOT com. Hugs!